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  • The US Vaporizer Market

    The US Vaporizer Market is in continuous growth, as vaping for many people is already a lifestyle.  There are some reasons which made this growth become true: the decrease of prices of vaporizers and supporting products, smaller and more practical vaporizers, advance kits in order to create a perfect vaping experience, various vaping liquids to meet personal preferences and tastes.

    The US-based companies that manufacture vapes are in accordance with safety measures and proper regulations and has a competitor in Chinese market, with cheap and not always safe and high-quality products. New regulations provide safer liquids for customers and they can rest assured knowing that they obtain correct information and a very clear list of ingredients.  The market also offers warranty and additional services. The US Vaporizer Market is growing with the help of the communities of users behind it. And the market will grow in the next years. People want to try the coolest vapes, such as our AirVape Xs, a very good personal loose-leaf vaporizer which uses a combination of conduction and convection technology in order to get a very good heating. It has an oval shaped ceramic chamber and a compartment to accumulate hot air. It is a device with modern new features, such as vibration to announce that it is ready. It has a display of 1.3 inch to show battery level and exact temperature. Its leather holder is included with each AirVape. The Xs Shell protective case is compatible with AirVape Xs. It has a ceramic stainless chamber, a cup insert to work with oil and concentrates, a bigger screen, an adjustable shutoff timer, and 1300 mAh. That is why AirVape Xs is considered an advance technology and is highly recommended.

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    The number of US vape shops has also grown and there are expectations for e-cigarettes and vaporizers overtaking the combustible cigarettes in 10 years. There is a largely increase due to demand for medical use in arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and glaucoma. The new customers – older nonsmokers who have been suffering from serious illness results from the market research of vape shop owners and industry experts. The use of this new vapes is considered with lower risks by users. Vaping devices are an alternative to tobacco. There are investments in the future of vaporizer market, although there is a small number of private equity and hedge funds invested in companies. Nevertheless, vape shops have grown continuously.

    US is the largest revenue generator in the global vaporizer market. About the vape, the customer has to take into account the following: its design in order to fit in a back pocket, its weight in order to not be heavy and big, its materials used to be manufactured from wood to stainless steel, various types of plastic, brushed aluminium, its battery for heat, in order to reach the vaping temperature, the use of Lithium-Ion, or a simple AAA, or butane gas which is cheaper, cleanness of the machine using Isopropyl alcohol and cotton bud to remove sticky traces, its warranty if the customer is a butter finger, the warranty of the vape cannot be contested, otherwise it has a long warranty.


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    As a conclusion, US Vaporizer Market according to supply and demand is developing with quick steps and is regulated so as its customers can vape safely and be always informed about vaping devices, which become more efficient, with better applications in order to protect and help the users to feel ok. A special and unique place in this market is occupied by AirVape Xs using advance technology and design, and …